Motivate To Educate is a nonprofit based in Charleston, SC. Mission Statement Our mission statement is as follows: to empower,motivate, educate and assist the community at large who have limited resources which impedes them from attaining what they need in their lives through charitable donations. wherever there is a need we will be there to assist regardless of race, gender or religious affiliation.

We will be the motivators, to assist our community to help lift them up when all seems lost.

                                     Qualifications for Scholarships

1. A/B student

2. Attendance (no more than 6 days absent in a school year, unless an act of nature occurs, sickness with a valid doctors excuse).

3. Positive behavior at home, school and community.

4. No gang affiliation.

5. References from teachers, parent/s, peers and religious leaders if any.

6. Others as deemed necessary by the grantee.


Founder/President Of Motivate To Educate- Tony Lewis

My name is Tony E. Lewis I was born in Charleston County. I attended Chicora Elementary School. Afterwards, I went to North Charleston High School, where I played basketball for the BT teams at the Danny Jones Recreation Department. Later, I went on to play junior varsity basketball for North Charleston high school and went 13- 0. I was, also, the manager for the varsity football team. After finishing school, I went to work in various fields. I started coaching the youth in the community. I have been an activist for 35 years; recreational coach for 25 years; and former state elected official for 14 years. I was, also, Charleston County School District 20 Constituent Board Of Trustees Chairman.

Co-Vice President – Malachi McKelvey – Board Of Directors/Advisory Board

Co-Vice President – Carolyn Moorer-Lewis –

Retired Early Childhood Educator of over 30 years. Youth advisor empowering parents to become more involved in their children’s lives as well as helping children to become Life Long Learners 

Treasurer – Arlene Greene

My name is Arlene Greene. I reside in Charleston, SC. I am a retired Professional in the field of Special Education and Needs of 21 years. Retired June 5, 2017 from CCSD.

Lerone Johnson – Lerone is an local educator in the Charleston area.

Stan Foxworth – Video Communications

Christian LeBlanc – Website Design And Marketing

Christian is a native of Greenville, South Carolina. He came to College of Charleston in 2008 and graduated in 2012 with a Communications Degree. He currently runs his own digital marketing company, Christian LeBlanc Media, in Charleston.

Rashied S. Whilder – Director Of Transportation

Pastor Marian Redish – Parliamentarian

Marian Redish is a kingdom influencer. She is founder of Reinvent-Her Life Enterprise an Empowerment order that is geared toward equipping women to redefine their worth. A visionary and entrepreneur, she has earned her doctorate of Divinity, she is a clergy woman at Life Changers Covenant Ministries. She is a former NYC Correctional Officer, a Author. Marian lives in Hanahan, SC with her husband.

Ingrid Centurion

Ingrid Centurion, is the founder of Generations for America Foundation to educate in areas that are no longer being taught in American society.  She served in the US Army for 22 years, a retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel, Iraq War Veteran, Combat Pilot, Author, and Motivational Speaker.  She teaches Parliamentary Procedure/Roberts Rule of Order, Conversational English and Spanisamps to inspire children.