About Motivate To Educate

Motivate To Educate is a nonprofit based in Charleston, SC.

Mission Statement

 Our mission statement is as follows: to empower,motivate, educate and assist the community at large who have limited resources which impedes them from attaining what they need in their lives through charitable donations. wherever there is a need we will be there to assist regardless of race, gender or religious affiliation.
We will be the motivators, to assist our community to help lift them up when all seems lost.

                                     Qualifications for Scholarships

1. A/B student

2. Attendance (no more than 6 days absent in a school year, unless an act of nature occurs, sickness with a valid doctors excuse).

3. Positive behavior at home, school and community.

4. No gang affiliation.

5. References from teachers, parent/s, peers and religious leaders if any.

6. Others as deemed necessary by the grantee.


Founder/President Of Motivate To Educate- Tony Lewis

My name is Tony E. Lewis I was born in Charleston County. I attended Chicora Elementary School. Afterwards, I went to North Charleston High School, where I played basketball for the BT teams at the Danny Jones Recreation Department. Later, I went on to play junior varsity basketball for North Charleston high school and went 13- 0. I was, also, the manager for the varsity football team. After finishing school, I went to work in various fields. I started coaching the youth in the community. I have been an activist for 35 years; recreational coach for 25 years; and former state elected official for 14 years. I was, also, Charleston County School District 20 Constituent Board Of Trustees Chairman.

Co-Vice President – Malachi McKelveyBoard Of Directors/Advisory Board

Co-Vice President – Carolyn Moorer-Lewis –

Retired Early Childhood Educator of over 30 years. Youth advisor empowering parents to become more involved in their children’s lives as well as helping children to become Life Long Learners 

Treasurer – Arlene Greene

My name is Arlene Greene. I reside in Charleston, SC. I am a retired Professional in the field of Special Education and Needs of 21 years. Retired June 5, 2017 from CCSD.

Lerone Johnson – Lerone is an local educator in the Charleston area.

Sylvia Spivey – Sylvia is a Branch Manager at United Bank in Charleston.

Darryl Griffin – Darryl is the Manager of Neal Brothers in North Charleston.

Diana Salazar-Guzman –

My Name is Mrs Diana Salazar-Guzman, I was born and raised in Homestead, Florida
(Miami) I moved to Charleston, SC in my Senior year of high school, I left Charleston after
high school but returned in 2004 and I have since then I have resided here to this beautiful
place I call home. I am Latina ( Mexican American) and my roots have been in this country
for over 130 yrs. My family is originally from Texas and Mexico. Have worked for the
Legislative Delegation Office in Charleston, SC from 1999 -2006 and I opened my own
business in 2006 to serve the Latino community as a Translator and Notary. I also perform
Civil Weddings in Spanish and English. I was the 1st Latina woman to do a March on Marion
Square Park a “ Day without a Latino” This was a national event in which Latinos did not
work for the day on May 1,st, 2006 to show their importance to the community. We had
3,000 People come out and support us that day. I have traveled and represented the latino
community in Mexico, Chicago, Washington,DC, California and South Carolina and I’m
presently working for CCSD as a Bilingual/Secretary for 3 schools. All my Activist work is
being displayed in the Department of Archives at the Marlene & Nathan Addlestone Library
at the College of Charleston. I enjoy helping others in need! My favorite things to do are
spending time with my family, reading a good book, going to the beach and dancing.

Stan Foxworth – Video Communications

Stan Foxworthy enjoys helping businesses and [email protected] professionals by [email protected] compelling
and [email protected] images that grow businesses and showcase people, products and services. Stan’s
[email protected] is to add meaningful impact to [email protected] and [email protected] [email protected]@ves, while
exceeding client [email protected]
Too oFen photographers are distracted and enamored by the hardware and technology of their
business. Stan learned early on that his job is just as much about making a personal [email protected]
with the subject and understanding the goals of his clients as it is about geGng the [email protected] and
exposure right.
Everyone is at least a liIle self-conscious in front of a camera, so it’s up to the photographer to
set clients at ease so they can be themselves. Stan takes a genuine interest in the people,
companies and events that he’s [email protected], and that is reflected in the finished product.
In Stan’s own words:
“As a young boy, I craved crea3ng art, but in my search I never felt at home with
pain3ng or sculpture. I wanted to recreate the way light fell on a given
subject or scene.
My Dad gave me his 35mm Agfa Ambi SileCe rangefinder and three lenses from when
he was in the military back in the 1950s. With my new art tool, loaded with a
roll of B&W film, my world was rocked when I saw that I could capture what
my mind’s eye saw! Over the following decades, the camera has not only
been the tool of my livelihood, but also turned into a vessel to meet people
and build rela3onships. Every day, I look forward to the con3nued amazing
Stan’s career hit the ground running – landing his first professional photo gigs with the Miami
Herald and Awlgrip (U.S. Paint, Marine Division), photographing the Florida Keys boat builders in
the 1970s. His client list grew to include rock stars, [email protected], actors, and professionals in every
imaginable field. His porZolio includes everything from portraits and product shots, to “planes,
trains, and automobiles.”
The Foxworthy Studios client list includes: Michelin NA, Hunter Douglas, [email protected] Seasonings,
Fentress Architects, Branson Tractors, Southern Jet Management, Asheville Air Charters,
Charleston Fashion Week, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Charleston Business Magazine, City of
Denver CO, City of Charleston SC, TED-X, Denver Museum of Nature & Science, US Bank, DIG
South, Speedplay Bicycle Pedals, NREL ([email protected] Renewable Energy Labs)
Stan also enjoys giving back to the photographic community through teaching photo workshops,
mentoring and serving on the board of the South Carolina chapter of the ASMP.

Christian LeBlanc – Website Design And Marketing

Christian is a native of Greenville, South Carolina. He came to College of Charleston in 2008 and graduated in 2012 with a Communications Degree. He currently runs his own digital marketing company, Christian LeBlanc Media, in Charleston.

Telma Vivian Utebu – International Ambassador To Motivate To Educate Organization

Telma is a Nigerian based business administrator and Founder of EHWI. She is also a motivational speaker and humanitarian activist. Lastly, she is the CEO of Duchess Beautyworld International.

In her call to serve humanity in depth, she has carried out various charitable works in Nigeria through her initiative at EHWI. This has earned her extra credit to become a Motivate To Educate Ambassador. Working together with EHWI, she believes she will provide Motivate To Educate the services of emotional health support and well being of the underprivileged as we carry out charitable duties.

Rashied S. Whilder – Director Of Transportation

Chapman has won numerous awards for her statewide activism including the Fredrick Douglass Thunder and Lightning Award from the South Carolina Progressive Network. The Charleston City Paper named her best Activist and most recently the Triumph Award from the South Carolina National Action Network and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Picture Award from SC Representative Wendell Gilliard and Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg.

Pastor Marian Redish – Parliamentarian

Marian Redish is a kingdom influencer. She is founder of Reinvent-Her Life Enterprise an Empowerment order that is geared toward equipping women to redefine their worth. A visionary and entrepreneur, she has earned her doctorate of Divinity, she is a clergy woman at Life Changers Covenant Ministries. She is a former NYC Correctional Officer, a Author. Marian lives in Hanahan, SC with her husband.